Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop Facilitation

Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop (TLW) serves as the most effective and efficient educational delivery vehicle of the Sigma Chi International Fraternity. By challenging participants to improve their operational management skills and emphasizing our values-based curriculum, Krach TLW facilitators are able to deliver the highest quality life skills and leadership development education. The Fraternity is looking for alumni interested in using their experience and skills to bring this education to our undergraduates and build lasting relationships as experienced mentors.

Time Commitment

Eighteen months: six months of facilitation and officer module training, beginning in January; attendance at Krach TLW; 12 months of mentoring following Krach TLW.


  • Alumnus of a Sigma Chi Fraternity chapter
  • Facilitation or mentoring experience preferred
  • Familiarity with Sigma Chi leadership programs
  • Prefer at least one year of volunteer experience within the Fraternity


  • Serve as a facilitator and mentor in Sigma Chi’s Krach TLW for a minimum of 18 months
  • Actively participate in a web-based training program designed to prepare facilitators with the skills and knowledge required to train undergraduate brothers
  • Advocate for Sigma Chi’s values-based leadership approach and emphasize those techniques through facilitation
  • Arrive at Krach TLW one day prior to the opening sessions of the workshop for additional facilitation training
  • Stay up-to-date on Sigma Chi’s leadership programs opportunities

Indications of Success

  • Improved chapter scores on the Peterson Significant Chapter Award application in the following year
  • Indications by participants in the follow-up survey that they better understand how to operate as a chapter and within their specific officer roles
  • Chapter group completes and updates its Strategic Plan throughout the year

Download this information in a PDF here.